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Finding meeting locations

Several people have contacted me asking about when and where we can have a meeting. If you know of a place that can house about 5-10 people with laptops (power outlets and internet access) for an hour or two, please get in contact and let me know. Some suggestions so far have been LCCC and a local businesses conference space. With Ubuntu and Fedora having releases soon, this would be a great time to try them out and see what others do with them.


I’m looking to get started with a LUG for NEPA. I know there are lots of people that run Linux both as their primary OS and as fun/learning. I bet a decent amount of them would like to get together with other people that share Linux interests and discuss Linux.

There are currently Ubuntu LoCo teams in PA, see here for more info:

Along with here:

So please, get in contact with me or others and lets get something together. It would be informal, bring a laptop to a bar and lets see what you got. Don’t have a laptop? That’s fine, come see what others are doing.